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Can you Feel It?

Written By Aligned Family Wellness on April 22, 2022

Spring, it's finally here. Dead things are starting to come to life, the sun is finally shining and (fingers crossed) the good weather is here to stay! 

Positive changes occurring in our environment naturally causes us to take stock of our personal lives. Often we begin to have a desire during these seasons to line up ourselves with our surroundings. Simply put: good weather just makes us want to shake off the depression, the static, drop the routines that no longer serve our mind, soul and body. This season in turn gives us a desire to establish positive life changes.

Sometimes, after a long season of winter and the lack of motivation or drive to take care of ourselves, we are left in this new season feeling like we have an impossible mountain to climb. I would encourage you to refuse that thought and not come into agreement with it.

You can do anything

Small changes over time create a whole new landscape. Nice weather? Go on a 30 minute walk before or after dinner. Switch from a sugar packed starbucks drink to a low cal skinny chai tea latte (I will share how to order below), choose water at lunch instead of soda, incorporate more protein into your diet. Make small changes over time and you will get where you are going!

Mindset has just as much to do with it as these actions listed above. What you believe is what you will get. Feed your soul and mind with the truth, you have the power and ability to make these changes. You are in charge of yourself, you make your own decisions. Positive self talk is imperative to watching the mountain disappear. It takes just as much time to say, "I can do this" as it does to say, "I can't do this". 


Here at Aligned Family Wellness, we believe in you! 


Starbucks Skinny Chai order:


Splash of Almondmilk

2 packet of Stevia in the Raw

Cinnamon Powder

2 Pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup