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Rest + Recreation

Written By Aligned Family Wellness on April 1, 2022

Rest doesn't just happen on it's own, to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you must create the time.  

Say 'no' to one of the many invites you have received, instead of coming home and doing more work, take a bath. Choose to read, take a walk around the block or even spend 10 minutes in total silence.

Put your phone down, turn off the TV and allow yourself to focus simply on breathing and clearing your mind. Let your mind wind down - allow yourself to get "bored". 

Listed above are the things you can do daily to decrease stress and take better care of your mind, body and soul. 

Yes, these are daily choices to make, but what about burn out? 

Burn out comes after long seasons of constant grind, busyness and even major change/transition. If you sense you are heading in this direction, feeling impatient, irritated with those closest to you, never able to get a full nights sleep with your mind racing with your to-do list take a look at your calendar. Schedule a 4/5 day respite. Time away, quick vacation. If you do not have the means to do so, clear a weekend on your calendar to simply unplug and reconnect with yourself and your family. 

The ones we love, our most valued relationships provide a safe haven for us to recoup. Loneliness is a killer, choose to spend the time not just dropping kids off here and there, running errands, but be intentional with your people. Prioritize rest, connection and watch as you regain the mental capacity to carry on.