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Office Gallery

office outside

Dr. Sheppard standing by chiropractic banner

staff membe 1

mother getting adusted

team photo

staff member 2

chiropractor checking mother's pelvis

Aligned Family Wellness lawn sign

staff member 3

Dr. sheppard adjusting a youth

Dr. Sheppard at her computer

fruit and veggie powders

Aligned Family Wellness front door

Dr. Sheppard holding a baby

Dr. Sheppard checking range of motion in mother's hip

Dr. Sheppard adjusting a patient

Dr. Sheppard adjusting a baby

Dr. Sheppard kneading a patient's back

Dr. Sheppard's degrees

Dr. Sheppard adjusting a boy

staff member 2 at computer

Dr. Sheppard's chiropractic degree

Dr. Sheppard adjusting a girl

staff member 3 at computer