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Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Techniques

activator method

Activator Method

Uses a small hand-held device to deliver a gentle impulse to align the vertebrae and add motion to restricted joints. Great for extremity pain and those desiring a light force treatment. Safe for treating children and patients with osteoporosis.

Cox Flexion

Gentle stretching of the lower back and spine. Great relief for patients suffering from disc bulges, spinal stenosis, arthritis, sciatica, and general low back pain. Safe for patients with osteoporosis and in pregnancy.

Thompson Technique

Uses a table that "drops" to provide a gentler adjustment by using gravity as a factor in placing motion into restricted areas of the spine. Great for treating all patients and many conditions involving the neck, mid-back, lower back, hips, and pelvis.

Diversified Technique

The doctor uses her hands to deliver a thrust that helps to add motion to restricted areas of the spine and extremities. This is the oldest and most widely used technique in chiropractic. It is very effective in treating all joint conditions.


Ultrasound Therapy

Uses sound waves that penetrate deeply to repair damaged tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties of ultrasound stimulate the healing process by increasing circulation, breaking up adhesions and scar tissue, and relaxing muscle spasms. Ultrasound is used to treat many conditions including carpal tunnel, tendonitis, bursitis, muscle spasm, and arthritis.


A deep heating device that delivers heat deep into muscles and joints. Great for treating post-surgical low back pain, arthritis, chest and sinus congestion, and chronic pain conditions.

Heat & Ice

Ice massage, Ice compresses, and moist heat packs are also available for the treatment of many conditions. Ice massage is often used for acute injury to provide pain relief and decrease inflammation. Moist heat is used to relax muscles, increase circulation, and provide pain relief.


Used widely in sports for treating injured tissue. EMS uses electrical currents to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation. EMS is used to treat muscle spasm, low back and neck pain, sciatic pain, and for general pain relief after injury. Russian stimulation is also used to build weak muscles or fatigue muscles in spasm. Another feature of EMS is high frequency nerve block used to decrease pain associated with sciatica and pinched nerves.

Myofacial Release

The stripping and kneading of muscular tissue to decrease muscle spasm. Similar to massage, myofascial release is used to relax muscular tissue and break up adhesions.