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WHOA OH OH - what's sleep got to do with it?

Written By Aligned Family Wellness on May 6, 2022

Do you have trouble sleeping? Climbing into bed, laying down with a misaligned spine can cause MAJOR   sleep issues! You might not feel discomfort through out the day but once you lay down with your back out of whack it can be difficult to fall asleep. If you are pregnant and lay down for bed with a misaligned spine, not only can this be uncomfy.. this can be very painful. 

A key to staying healthy while pregnant is getting quality sleep. Now, I understand that part of being pregnant is experiencing discomfort... however it does not have to painful. Dr. Sheppard is certified in the Webster-Technique. This is a form of chiropractic care created for pregnant women. You might be wondering what chiropractic care has to do with getting a good night's rest? Well, getting your spine adjusted promotes healthy blood flow which in turn promotes relaxation through out your body. 

The further along you are in your pregnancy the more weight and pressure is on your back and hips. Anyone experiencing back and hip pain will tell you, sleep doesn't come easy. If this is an existing pain you already have, when pregnant it can become unbearable. Seeing a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster-Technique can return the joy of becoming a mother. 

Maybe severe back or hip pain isn't one of your symptoms, what about nausea? The sudden urge that lurches you out of bed to throw up everything but the kitchen sink doesn't necessarily promote quality sleep. Seeing a chiropractor reduces stress - which can reduce the nausea. The power of the adjustment is in restoring the nervous system, this helps with staying hydrated, energized and remaining well-nourished. 

Mama, you don't have to suffer through pregnancy. You have healthy options to decreasing stress, pain and discomfort. Call the office at (217) 875-7151 or register here as a new patient.